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Post your content to multiple social media sites simultaneously with an effortless and seamless experience. Save time with one form to post everywhere, with all technical limitations taken care of for you. Post to Youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Google Business, LinkedIn, and Pinterest in one place. Get the most out of your social media postings with an intuitive interface.

Posting on Social Media Just Got Easier

Social media is an integral part of any business's marketing strategy. But creating compelling posts and managing multiple networks can be time-consuming and tedious. Now, the process of social media posting is easier than ever. With Post Local News, businesses can post to up to 10 social media accounts simultaneously using AI writers to craft the perfect post. Our tool also allows you to upload up to four images in jpg, png, and Heic formats, rearrange their order and even upload videos up to one minute in length in mp4, Mov, and WebM formats. And with character length verification for all social account types, you can ensure your post is optimized for each platform.

When it's time to send your post, you can either program it to post later or send it straight away. You can also add an embedded link to your post and preview the link before you send it.

Thanks to our automated tools, managing social media accounts is now easier. Businesses can post to multiple social accounts with just a few clicks and ensure their target audiences see their messages.

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